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2nd single Noisy Mind


Love this, awesome track, vocals superb, music amazing, mix brilliant, well done ! Love the way it mellows then erupts into metal, awesome guys.

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Une pièce rock alternative interprétée avec une grande théâtralité, à la hauteur des costumes inspirés que portent les musiciens masqués. Débordante d’énergie, avec une voix féminine remplie d’émotions qui lance la réplique à une voix masculine viscérale, on pense bien sûr à Evanescence et à Sevendust pour l’approche musclée !

Boulimique de musique

Super prod, très pro, beaucoup d’énergie. Une voix qui a beaucoup de force et de potentiel !


Nothing but Real is multi-faceted alternative rock, embodied by four personalities who merge in the richness of their influences in Paris only two years ago.

The story begins when Tom (composer and guitarist) decides to launch a new project with David (bass) on the ashes of a previous formation.

Embryonic titles revealing the tension Nothing But Real were already there in search of realization, lacking only the energies to embody them. Tom and David then decide to look for their complementary entities to generate something innovative on their achievements and then recruit in evidence of Hanta (vocals) and Eghan (drums) encounters.

In the intention of the new family, geek and manga lovers in its spare time : to create a tailor-made visual universe which enhances the project, giving it several dimensions.

Nothing But Real is an hybrid rock influenced mainly by fusion, alternative rock and metal. The first two tracks “Don’t you know” and “Noisy Mind” prior to the album allowed the four members of the project to confirm a guideline : a rock skillfully mixing the lyricism and flow of Hanta with passive pop and alternative rock, the energy of Eghan from punk rock, David’s groove with reggae and hip hop affinities and the heaviness of the riffs as much as the aerial phases of Tom from stoner and progressive rock. This is the composite asset of Nothing But Real: different educations, common aspirations and in the result, if everyone could bring their touch, their aesthetics and their guts, homogeneity, a common thread and a real difference in current production.

Modernity in the project is the unfixed graphic universe which will evolve according to receptivity. Because the image is the communication of today, the Nothing But Real have created a parallel world to pass messages, in pseudo fiction, with a concern for universality as well. The lyrics are in English and the image is major … so that the concept can be cross-border. Because humanism, the DNA of the group, must be able to have strata of diffusion: sound, texts, images and what underlies the whole, in a certain rage in chiaroscuro.

The Nothing But Real claim sponsors and prove in this first album that they don’t look like anything existing by delivering an emotional kaleidoscope. The album is like the pilot episode of a successful series is viewed. It is breathless, dense in stimuli, it engages and it is consumed several times because it is palimpsest of a rock golden age, of the time when it had things to defend and to make live… 2018 made these four prolific souls meet, because this first album, magnetic, plus the story they have to tell and which opens only a gap in this spring 2020 , announces memberships beyond affinity networks.


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